​Berhana Shares Visuals For 'Janet'

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Back towards the end of 2015, I stumbled across a song by an elusive artist called Berhana. The single was called ‘Janet’ and it was an ode to the original TV Mum – Janet Hubert – the original Vivian Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Now the Atlanta based artist Berhana shares some crisp visuals to the track.

Rocking an all white ensemble, Berhana peacefully ride through the neighborhood on his bike. There’s a real sense of anonymity in the video, there’s no branding, nothing extremely distinctive, everything sort of falls very much into place. Musically, Berhana’s style falls in and out of R&B and rap.His flow is smooth, melodic and on a first listen you may even mistake ‘Janet’ to be a little too happy – but the context over Janet Hubert’s departure from Fresh Prince is a lil different.

Regardless, Berhana is on to something. Check out the video to Janet below, and stream his free project too.

https://soundcloud.com/berhana/sets/berhana ​

Words: Kamilla Rose

Online Edit: Ra’ed Khan

Source:: MTV — News