10 Celeb Friendships We Can't Get Enough Of

So the International Day of Friendship happened over the weekend. Announced by the UN Assembly in 2011, the International Day of Friendship (30th July) is a day dedicated to recognising friendships not just between people, but countries, cultures, religions… basically just loads of unity vibes going on. Get us involved.

So, to celebrate, let’s take a look at some of our fave celeb friendships, because they are absolute friendship goals, and deserve the spotlight to mark this very special occasion.

JT and Jimmy Fallon are both super-talented, wacky and hilarious, which makes them just about the most entertaining double-act ever. They’ve performed many times on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ and the ‘Late Night’ show, entertaining us with the ‘the history of rap’ as well as various comedy sketches.

There’s obviously a whole lotta love there, which makes them one of our absolute fave celeb friendships ever. Look at them go.

Jennifer and Courteney obvs practically invented friendship goals, as the pair met on the set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and became real life bezzies! That’s 22 years of friendship-filled comedy gold right there.

Here they are sharing Chinese on the show. How many times over the years do you reckon they have actually shared Chinese? A lot, that’s how many.

Melissa Forde is Rihanna’s childhood bf and the pair are still going strong! They get papped together at basketball games, parties, on holiday, at big events… but it’s this video that just about makes our day. These two encompass just about every friendship goal there is.

Ed and Tay both have a lot of respect for each other as musicians, as they say they are quite similar to each other musically. Having done performances together and even co-written a song (‘Everything Has Changed’) these guys are clearly musical soulmates.

More than their musical collaborations though, we’re obsessed with all those BFF moments that betray how much they adore each other as friends. Here they are, having a giggle.

Rita Ora referred to Cara as her “wifey” and the pair were all over each other’s Instagrams. They met at a festival and Rita told The Sun in 2013 that they were constantly in contact, saying, “she’s officially mine. She’s, like, untouchable.”

Unfortunately there have been rumours that the pair are no longer as close, but at The Golden Globes last year they certainly looked closer than ever, with Rita giving Cara a cheeky bum pinch for the cameras. They just look so FUN. We want in.

So we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t include these two in our friendship goals list. Ant and Dec are inseparable, to the point where they even live on the same road, just a couple of doors down from each other!

They met on the set of Byker Grove in 1989, and have been bezzies since 1990. Their friendship is so laugh-out-loud brilliant that everyone wants to watch them hang out together – it’s a MAJOR reason they have taken over British television for so many years. These guys.

Comedy duo Amy Schumer and Tina Fey met way back in 1993. You may know them now as two of the most successful female comedians around, starring in ‘Mean Girls’ and hosting the Golden Globes together, but back then they were just two young students taking an Improv class. They’re brutally honest, fearless and absolute comedy gold. They’re the Queen Bees of BFs.

Beyonce and Serena have apparently known each other since Beyonce’s days in ‘Destiny’s Child’, and they have been outwardly supportive of each other’s careers ever since! Most recently, Bey showed up to watch Serena Williams play at Wimbledon, even though she had a concert to play that same day. Serena also made an appearance in Bey’s music video for ‘Sorry’. Both these two are pretty much smashing life at the moment, and we love that they’ve got each other’s backs through it all.

James Corden is close the members of One Direction, but has a soft spot for Harry Styles in particular (who doesn’t…). In an interview in March, James posed for a Harry Styles-inspired shoot, featuring tattoos and a grungey look, publically stating Harry inspired him for it. They even had a sneaky kiss on ‘A League Of Their Own’. Bromance to the max.

Ok this one is cheating a tiny bit. Kylie and Kendall are, of course, sisters, but they are also BFFs. These guys are so close that it seems like they just go hand-in-hand, and their careers overlap because of it (e.g. their new swimwear range for Topshop called the ‘Kendall + Kylie Swim Collection’). They’re always snapped together, and whenever they are it just reminds us how much they are the epitome of friendship goals, regardless of being sisters. They’re too much.

Have you got that warm, fuzzy feeling? The International Day of Friendship may be over, but we’re deffo not over all of these celebs just clearly adoring each other, and giving us all those friendship goal feelings. We LOVE it.

Emily Hooley

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Source:: MTV — News