10 Hacks For Keeping Cool When It's Hot As Balls Outside

You probably don’t need us to tell you how hot it’s been lately. You’ve had a constant sweaty bit at the bottom of your back, you’ve lived on freezepops for at least a fortnight and you’re spending your nights naked starfishing in bed.

The heatwave struggle is real and frankly we’ve basically all just been this Britney GIF for the past few weeks.

Unluckily for us lot melting away in the UK, we haven’t got the trusty air con or the dreamy swimming pools to turn to when things get sweaty af, so it’s down to us to come up with a few genius, crafty ideas for beating the heat.

Looking for a miracle to cool down ASAP? Here’s 10 genius hacks to help you when it’s hot as balls outside.

Normally your bed is the best place in the world, but when the temperature rises, the relationship with your bed hits a rocky patch. Nights are spent kicking the duvet off, melting into your pillows and cursing the day you ever bought your blankets – so why not turn your bed into a cool, cold haven of dreams instead?

Just remove your sheets, fold them up and pop them in the fridge or freezer for half an hour before bed. When you put them back on the mattress, you’ll be ready to sink into temperatures that Queen Elsea would approve of.


We’re all guilty of getting to 4pm and realising that we’ve drunk approximately no water throughout the day, but you HAVE to make sure that you’re upping your water intake when it’s a million degrees outside. Those bottles with the times of day printed onto the side can seem like a super snazzy answer to the problem, but why spend all that cash when you can just make your own version?

Track down a cute clear water bottle, mark on the hours of the day for yourself, and stay on a budget while keeping track of your water intake. Get crafty with gems and Sharpie doodles if you want it for the #healthyliving ‘gram.


In places where they’re used to the daily heat, a lot of homes will have built-in air con to make it managaeable. Seeing as we’re blessed with about five hours of sunshine a year, it’s not the case in the UK. Every summer we have to resort to a basic bitch desk fan which only moves around the hot air – but a simple bowl of ice is about to change your life.

A couple of frozen water bottles or a large bowl of ice in front of a desk fan will chill your room down in no time, basically creating your own DIY air con system.


One of the best parts of a heatwave is that you have a legit excuse to make ice cream one of your main food groups. But if you’re bored of what the corner shop’s got to offer (or they’ve just run out of the best Magnums), try rustling up these MEGA easy ice cream sandwiches.

Just grab your fave tub of ice cream, slice it into half-inch thick circles, place the circle between two cookies and unwrap the cardboard. It’s mess-free and unbelievably difficult to scoff anything less than three in a row.

Yep, we know it sounds crazy but hear us out. You might be tempted to fan your face or stick your entire head into a bucket of ice cubes, but focusing on your wrists will be a lot more helpful. Wrap a few ice cubes into a tea towel or a flannel and secure each bundle around your wrists or the backs of your knees.

The cold resting against your pulse points will cool down the rest of your body down faster than anywhere else. SCIENCE.


Sure, you could head to the high street and spend almost a tenner on what is effectively an aerosol full of water, or you could spend a few minutes concocting your own much cheaper, much more natural version.

Keep it simple and fill a spray bottle with cold water and crushed ice, get a little bit fancy with a few essential oils in the mix, or mix it up with some bolder ingredients. Rose, cucumber, mint and lavendar are all great for helping to cool the skin when you’re overheating on the spot.


British summer does occasionally involve some actual sunshine, and when the sun finally does put its hat on, it’s all too tempting to get your kit off to catch some rays. But then comes the sunburn. And OH GOD the pain is so real.

Aloe vera is an amazing natural product which helps to soothe sunburn when it’s red and raw, so why not maximise its potential by turning it into ice cubes? Buy yourself a bottle, squirt it into an ice cube tray, and feel the PURE JOY when you hold the frozen aloe against your skin later on.


Yes, that is exactly what it looks like: a drinks cooler that you can take out and about, which relies entirely on water balloons.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to make it – just fill up a load of water balloons, stick them in the freezer and pile them into a bucket with all of your drinks before heading out to the beach or the park. Not only will they keep your bevs chilled in the sunshine, but they’ll also be the perfect excuse to have a waterfight once they’ve melted. YAS.


If you’re gonna melt like the Wicked Witch of the West, you might as well enjoy a strong summer snacking game before your final hours. That’s where these awesome edible ice cream bowls come in, which are a) way better than a boring cone, and b) the perfect way to cool down while looking cute af.

Melt a load of white chocolate and colour it your favourite pastel shades. Blow up a few mini balloons and dunk them in the chocolate, before leaving it to set around the balloon. Burst the balloon and hey presto, there’s your ice cream bowls.

Whether you’re about to get into bed for a night of sweaty sleeping, or whether you just wanna cool down in the garden, a reverse hot water bottle is about to become your new BFF.

Just fill a hot water bottle with cold water and crushed ice cubes – use a thick plastic bag and a rolling pin to break them up. Then keep your cold water bottle by your feet or on the backs of your knees to literally chill the eff out. If you’re taking it to bed however, make sure to ditch the ice cubes and stick to cold water, otherwise you’ll end up with soggy sheets.

Enjoy returning to a vaguely normal body temperature, y’all.

– Words by Lucy Wood

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