10 Huge Celebs Who You Didn't Notice Were In Massive TV Shows and Movies As Kids

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We all love going back and re-watching our fave movies and TV shows but is there anything better than going back and spying a background extra or guest star that we all know now as a huge mega famous star?

NOPE. Cos we’re sad like that….

Before she was Hannah Marin, Ashley played a bitchy tween in 13 Going On 30 (one of the best movies of all time). She may not have had any lines but we are LIVING for that 80s look she’s rocking.

Although she was cut from the final edit (boooooo) Zoe described her time on the Harry Potter film set in a blog post in 2009.

She wrote: ‘I was 10 when they first started filming for the first film, and my primary school is in the village they used. So they came & asked everyone in my year (which was probably about 7 children) if we wanted to be extras. & of course we said yes. I was in Hufflepuff :).’

‘The first year, we were used in Snape’s potion class scene. I am not seen in the film annoyingly, but its nice to know I was there. We also got to mingle with the cast, we watched Spider-Man with them. Haha & Devon Murray (who plays Seamus Finnigan) asked me out..haha. I said no. I was 10 years old and boys scared me.’

‘I was also in the second film…again..you cannot see me. I went to London to be on the hogwarts express…which was so exciting.’

Beofre makign it with little Mix, Jesy was in Harry Potter and About A Boy when she was a kid. She said recently: “I was in Harry Potter. I’ve been in a few other. About A Boy with Hugh Grant… And you can actually see me if you pause the tape.” LOVE.

Famous for playing Bonnie in the Vampire Diaries, Kat started out in the background of some famous flicks. She played Lindsey Lohan’s camp-mate in the fencing scene of The Parent Trap. Great film.

Before we were all totally obsessed with the Gosling, he appeared on scary children’s TV series Are You Afraid Of The Dark. Is it weird we still find him attractive back then? Yes, probs.

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Mischa appeared as the little girl ghost on The Sixth Sense in 1999 before she headed to the OC to make it big as Marissa Cooper. God, this film was scary.

And speaking of the OC, if you re-watch the entire season (yes we do, monthly) then you’ll spot a familiar face as Marissa Cooper’s little sister, Caitlin. Oh haaaai tiny Shailene.

We all know Selena Gomez started out on Barney but it turns out her mate Demi did too in 2002. She played Selena’s mate Gianna. Too cute for words.


She may be a super fabulous Real Housewife of Beverly Hills now but Kyle actually started out as a child actor, starring in films like The Watcher In The Woods in 1980 and Escape From Witch Mountain.

We all know her now as the kick-ass Jyn Erso in Star Wars Rogue One but Felicity’s first gig was on ITV’s The Worst Witch where she played Mildred Hubble’s nemesis Ethel Hallow.

Want to see how many celebs can’t finish their drinks? Well then check out the below….

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