10 Of Most F*** Boy Things That Ever Happened

The super honest guy.

On one hand, he’s being straight up, on the other…ew.

The guy who forgets to tell you about his girlfriend

Beyoncé might have told you to just “tell him, boy bye,” but sometimes it’s just waaaay harder to do it than you’d like – and that’s because f**k boys pray on your emotions and always have the right things to say to get themselves out of hot water and into, well, your undies.

But you’re not alone. There are countless f*ck boys the world over and they’re so much worse than you’d imagine.

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Srsly, Reddit and Twitter have ALL of the receipts.

Warning: the following may make you want to stay single forever.

The super honest guy.

On one hand, he’s being straight up, on the other…ew.

The guy who forgets to tell you about his girlfriend

“I hooked up with a guy from a party once who was in such a rush to leave the next morning. I asked what was up and he said his girlfriend was upset he didn’t come home. Girlfriend. EXCUSE ME? “Yeah I told you that last night.” NO THE F*CK HE DID NOT. (sic)” – retroverted_uterus / reddit

The very angry guy

You’re just never going to win with that one.


“My favorite fuckboy: We met on a dating site and had a really great conversation. He seemed like someone I would want to be friends with, possibly more in the romantic department. He invited me for coffee in the middle of the day.

“He was nothing like the man he was on the dating site. He asked me question after question. After about 30 minutes he looks into my coffee cup and says, ‘Are you done????’. ‘….Um…..yeah.’ He then asked me if I wanted to go play boardgames with his roommates. He was hot, so I said sure. Surprise, surprise! There was nobody there. He took me on a quick tour of the house, and then sat down on his bed. ‘What do you want to do now?’

“I laughed and sat down next to him. We had a very quick romp that didn’t include much foreplay. Once he was done, he said ‘I have a meeting in an hour and I need to shower. Do you remember how to get back to town?’ At this point, I was frustrated. Looking like a mess, I walked back to town in the 90-degree heat and promptly deleted his number.

“The next week, I was on a first date with someone I ended up dating for two years. I had lost my contact in the restaurant and we were taking the bus to my place so I could pick up my glasses and then come back to town for a moonlight walk. The asshole came walking up to us and said, ‘quirky_euphist, what are you doing?’ I replied, ‘Oh hey, Tim. I’m on a DATE. How are you?’ He texted me later, like ‘WHO THE F*CK WAS THAT.’ He still occasionally texts me in the middle of the night…It’s been almost 6 years. (sic)” – quirky_euphist

“She would bail and go back to her man”

“I’ve had my fair share of lesbian f***boys that I made a PowerPoint about them. My most recent f***boy was a girl who would hit me up, say she was into me and wanted to get dinner and do stuff. We would make plans, and then the day before or day of she would bail and go back to her man.

“The times we hung out it seemed like she was into me, but I guess not.” – RealLifeAprilLudgate

The guy that couldn’t keep it chill…

Oh Sergiy.

The guy who drops the ‘f’ bomb…

Oh, now we’ll have sex with you.

They guy that wants to be friends…

“I’m not looking for a relationship, but let’s do everything that a relationship consists of as I continue calling you my friend.” pic.twitter.com/SR5Fe1EGV4

— arty boy (@Ian323) October 13, 2016


And for all those f*ck boy moments. you’ll need some shade to throw…

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