10 Of The Craziest Pretty Little Liars Fan Theories

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As we anxiously wait for season 7 of Pretty Little Liars and repeatedly watch the new trailer over and over and over again, we thought we’d dive into the fascinating world of PLL theories. And man, are some of them amaaaaaazing…


Marlene I King has refused to say if Elliot Rollins is Rollins’ real name so one fan has deduced that the British doctor is the brother is Wren and Charlotte knew it. Wren has been thought to be coming back for a while and flashbacks saw Melissa tell Hanna that Charlotte had been calling Wren and he’d been very secretive about it.

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Reality rating: We’re totes on board with this one.


Toby had the motive to kill Charlotte, to keep Spencer and the rest of the Liars safe. And some PLL detectives noticed that during one of the episode at the end of 6B, heard a random lady call Toby ‘Pretty Eyes’, something he had only been called when he was on the ‘A’ team in season three.

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Reality rating: Hmmm, we’re not convinced but the nickname mention is suspicious and this show loves a random clue.


A watcher of the show has suggested that season six was not the first time we’d met Rollins but just the first time we’d seen his face.

In the PLL book series ‘A’ was the “real Alison” (the girl who the Liars knew as Ali’s twin) working together with her boyfriend. This boyfriend had come into contact with many of the characters but in different masked forms. Rollins was Charlotte’s boyfriend and loves a mask and it’s been suggested that he was, in fact, Detective Wilden (and others) many times.

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Reality rating: Apart from the fact that that mask thing was ridonkulous, this would actually be a great twist.

We all know that there are a million holes in the PLL plot and many viewers are hoping and praying that season 7 link it all together. But a lot of people just don’t buy that Cece had the motive, means or time to be ‘A’. Plus they’ve pointed out that there were many important clues throughout the series that have been ignored in that case and more likely apply to Wren. ‘A has a crush on Spencer’, ‘An apple a day keeps A away’ (the famous doctor saying) and, of course, ‘A was in the first pilot episode, unmasked’. None of which apply to Cece.

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Reality rating: Yeah we totally agree about the many holes but Cece admitted to being ‘A’ so unless there is the biggest twist of all time then we’re pretty sure this isn’t legit, there was probs just a change in writing.

The new trailer for Season 7 is teeeeeense (see above). And one thing people are musing is that the Liars kill someone. In the books, Aria and co go on holiday and come into contact with a girl that they think is Ali (A in the book world) and push her off a cliff, seemingly to her death. But it turns out to be an innocent bystander and the Liars are threatened by the real Ali to expose their secret. The most likely person? Sara Harvey.

Reality rating: After watching the trailer, we’re convinced this is happening.


There is a toooon of theories about who is ‘A.D’ but these are some of our faves. Pretty Little Theories on YouTube flashbacked to Mona’s fake name Ali Dee, who she used to sneak in and out of Radley. But Mona was with the gang when they got the first A.D text so she would have to have a partner.

Reality rating: Mona, evil? No….YES. We live for this theory but maybe there isn’t enough behind it.

Viewers have speculated that the initials are indicating that there is another DiLaurentis texting the group.

Reality rating: A definitely possibility but maybe it’s too vague.


Since Aria and Ezra found out Andrew was adopted, theories that he’s Mary Drake’s son and Charlotte’s brother have been swirling. So his name would be Andrew Drake. And let’s face it he was acting pretty shady in season six.

Reality rating: We’re a fan of this. We love the idea that Andrew was floating aroung the whole time and that he almost got caught out.

We still have no clue who Charlotte’s father is but it’s viable that whoever Mary had a child with, had the same last name as her. So his last name could be Drake.

Reality rating: We don’t know about this one but we NEED to know who Charlotte’s father is. Surely in season 7, this will be revealed.


Some people have speculated that it’s Mr Hastings, as Jessica and him had the affair that resulted in Jason being born. So who’s not to say he didn’t also sleep with Mary Drake posing as her sister?

Reality rating: Mr H has seemed to get around buuuut it seems unlikely that he’s keep having an affair after he got Jessica preggers. If he knew at the time….

Our head hurts. So much to think about while we wait for the next season. AND SO MANY QUESTIONS. Nothing new there then.

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