10 Of The Most Iconic Instagram Uploads Kylie Jenner Has Ever Posted

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If Kylie Jenner launched an online course that spilled all the secrets to becoming a social-media influencer, we’re pretty sure the site would crash faster than Kylie Cosmetics whenever she drops a brand new product.

Because most people don’t have enough time in their day to scroll through her entire back catalogue and determine which uploads will go down in history and which ones just don’t make the cut, we’ve decided to go ahead and do all the hard work instead.

Let’s get checking out a bunch of times Kylie Jenner proved she was the Queen of selfies…

1. When she graduated from high-school and debuted her diploma

Even though she was a world-famous name by the age of ten, Kylie still got the regular high-school experience of pulling on a mortarboard hat and taking a bunch of embarrassing pictures in her mum’s garden.

2. When she looked more like Christina Aguilera than Christina Aguilera

To be fair, she was hardly going to tear up some old Primark clothes, dip her face in black eyeshadow, and call the end product a Halloween outfit.


3. When she boarded a private jet with a bag of fried chicken

Proving that she’s a woman after our own hearts, Kylie – who could legitimately spend her entire day eating pots of caviar and counting her millions – decided to board a jet carrying a bag of fried goods. Hero.

4. When she moved into a literal palace with nothing but a mattress

Forget participating in the houseshare from hell with a group of terrible strangers, because Kylie moved into an Los Angeles mansion that could probably house ten people in the space of one guest bathroom.

5. When she shared a glimpse at her enormous Rolex watch

In true Kylie Jenner style, she shared a shot of her iced-up wrist back in 2012 that could probably pay off our entire student loan, plus finance a couple of Masters degrees and an extended gap year.

6. When she shared a shot of her fleet of cars

The Kardashian-Jenner gang have an entire parking lot filled with their various shiny cars, and it looks like 99% of them have come directly from the Mercedes Benz showroom. Casual.

7. When she greeted fans from behind a glass door

It was the Instagram upload that seemed like a good idea at the time but quickly became a viral sensation due to the fact her fans were essentially caged behind a glass wall for a photo op.

they keep me company while I shop lol, love u guys

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8. When she wore the blue shirt that launched a thousand conspiracy theories

Back when the world was still unsure about Kylie’s pregnancy, fans all but pulled out their magnifying glasses to determine whether she was concealing a tiny baby bump behind all that billowing fabric.

9. When she dropped the first photo of her newborn daughter

It wasn’t quite the face shot that we’d all been hoping for, but Kylie took to the gram to announce what she and and Travis Scott had decided to name their first child together.

10. And finally, when she released the first full-length shot of baby Stormi

Telling all those potential magazine deals to jog on, Kylie pulled on a jumpsuit to share the first proper glimpse of herself cradling her one-month old baby girl.

Too cute, and we have a funny feeling the best is yet to come.

Source:: MTV — News