10 Of The Most Outlandish Things That Have Ever Come Out Of Jemma Lucy's Mouth

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Jemma Lucy has never been a shy retiring wallflower and she is set to make some huge waves in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

There’s been rumours that she is going to spill dem beans on her affair with Cheryl’s ex-husband Ashley Cole and judging by the things that have come out of her mouth in the past we believe it…

When asked about sex in the CBB house she said: “If I want to have sex on TV, I will. If I’m drunk and feel like stripping down and having sex, no-one is going to stop me. I have a very high sex drive. I have dated girls and boys. For me, it’s all about sex when I’m with a girl. I’m very open about being bisexual. And I’m open to finding someone.”

“I would go back on Ex On the Beach again if the money was right and the standards were right. I’ll never ever forget where I came from and that is the show who made me who I am today. Without this show, my life would be completely different. Anyone who forgets that is so up themselves like Megan McKenna, she didn’t like to be associated with the fact that she went on Ex On The Beach. She wouldn’t be on TOWIE without it. She needs to come down a peg or two. I could go on about her, but she’s an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, she’s doing very well, but you can do well and not be a c*** along the way.”

She said: “I was on a photoshoot with him, in the day… broad daylight and he knocked on the door, opened the door and asked me to lick his a***hole.I was like ‘No’. I feel like that question is something you ask during sex and it happens. We weren’t having sex, we weren’t doing anything sexual. He just wanted a r*mmed for no reason and I found it a bit bizarre.”

She has hit out at Katie a number of time since their friendship ended accusing her of sleeping with other people’s husbands and trying to warn Stephen Bear off her. Those some strong shots to throw.


Oh dear.

“I did like Kirk but I wasn’t amazed by his sexual ability, especially considering how many girls he’d had sex with. He literally lasted three seconds and I did all the work. I was a bit blinded by liking him on [Ex On The Beach] but his d*ck isn’t even that big.”

After Gary revealed he ‘regretted’ bedding Jemma during Ex On The Beach she had other ideas about the matter. She said: “At the time it certainly didn’t feel like Gaz regretted sleeping with me and very much felt mutual. Personally I had a great time, and again in the morning, it was a great experience.”

So chyna says rob’s gone too far with posting nude pics of her on insta.. whilst she bangs pure dudes behind his back and robs his Shit.. 🙄

— JemLucy (@jem_lucy) July 23, 2017

After Rob Kardashian allegedly posted explicit photos and videos of Blac Chyna, Jemma shocked everyone by jumping to his defence!

Instagram live viewers were beyond surprised when Jemma answered a fan’s question about her relationship with Geordie Shore’s Chantelle Connelly. She admitted: “Yes, I am going out with Chantelle. We have been together for about a month. Yes, I have l*cked o** Chantelle.”

After watching The Mummy Diaries she said: “Can I just say, if you could give someone the world’s most boring show award it would be this: Sam Faiers. I’m so sorry. I know everyone’s in awe of their own baby but it’s just so boring. Bore off!”

CBB starts tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.


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