10 Pesky Hair Removal Fails And How To Fix Them

While summer is obviously all kinds of great, there is a whoe lot more pressure to make some kind of hair removal effort before getting your bod out. Shaving – ugh. Waxing – ugh. Threading – ugh. Although, quick reminder, if you don’t want to, you absolutely don’t have to.

Whether you’re just planning on a quick leg de-fuzz or whether you’re carefully plotting to transform yourself into a silky, slippery dolphin from head to toe, there’s a lot of room for error when it comes to hair removal.

But have no fear, oh future smooth criminal, because this is a handy rundown of every hair removal fail you could possibly encounter, and how to fix it asap.

This one’s pretty self explanitory, but if your razor is leaving you with a li’l bit of spike or cutting your ankles to pieces, it’s likely that you need to treat yourself to a new one. An old razor means dull blades, which makes it impossible to get a close shave and will leave you with nasty razor burn – not to mention the fact they’re covered in gross bacteria.

Yes they’re (ridiculously) expensive, but if you’re serious about getting turning yourself into a human slip and slide this summer, then it’s probably worth investing in a shiny new one.

If you dive straight in with your razor as soon as you step in the shower, your skin won’t be ready to receive the blade and you’ll slice up any little lumps and bumps that might be on the skin of your legs or underarms. Painful, and also not the greatest look.

Instead, make shaving the last possible part of your shower routine. By the time you’ve shampoo’d, conditioned, shower gel’d and lord knows what else, the warm water will have softened your follicles to make the whole thing more of a gentle experience on your skin.

Shaving complete – but ten hours later you step out of the shower, ready to admire your legs looking like a polished laminate floor, and find that errr, there’s still a little bit of fuzz going on.

That could be because you’re not exfoliating before you shave. Your razor will just get clogged with dead skin cells if you skip out that important step, leaving you with a much less close finish. Get yourself a good, large grain scrub to smooth things over first, then use short strokes over the area for less missed hairs.

Fed up of wading through a massacre-inspired river of blood every time you hop out the shower? Cutting your legs (and especially ankles) is one of the big downsides of choosing shaving for hair removal, but it’s easy to avoid if you’re actually careful.

Make sure you’re not using too much pressure with your razor – it only collects more dead skin, causes more friction for razor burn, and means you’re more likely to cut yourself. And try to take your time with the job at hand, you wouldn’t run with scissors so don’t speed shave either.

Sensitive skin needs to be treated like the delicate, fragile little fairy that it is, so quit it with the lazy shaving and look after it properly. Guilty of dry shaving? Stop that shit immediately – it’s a guaranteed swamp of irritation and razor burn, so always soak your skin in warm water for a while first to be more gentle on your follicles.

Up the moisture to the next level by using shaving cream or conditioner too, and ALWAYS moisturise after you’re out of the bath or shower. Shaving is a harsh option and can really dry out your skin, so always slap on the moisturiser – preferably while your legs are still damp to help retain the extra water.

Hands in the air if one of your biggest struggles in life is those little red, bumpy gits who always seem to pop up and never go away. It’s HELLISH, and annoyingly they can appear for a number of reasons – shaving in a hurry, going against the grain, you’re a bit too sweaty in that area… Yum.

Try dabbing a little hydrocortisone cream on the big’uns to calm the redness. Opt for high cut undies so they don’t rub against your bikini line. Exfoliate the area before removing the hair, and make sure the skin is softened and follicles opened with warm water. Dab on some rubbing alcohol to kill bacteria and close the pores.

THEN – here’s the tricksy part – apply either an unscented deodorant stick or a dusting powder like Lush’s Silky Underwear, to prevent chafing and razor burn. Seriously, this is the part that makes a big difference.

Another super common problem that can totally ruin your silky dolphin vibe is ingrown hairs – bumps that form over your hair follicles and swell when the hair tries to grow back through them. If you’re really unlucky, these can then look like actual spots when they fill with oils, pus and bacteria. Not cute.

Try your best to resist popping them and pulling out the hair yourself (although yep, it’s literally the most tempting thing of all time). Instead, use a warm compress to break up the bump and soften the skin to coax the hair out on its own.

If you’re really prone to them, exfoliating before hair removal can make a mega difference.

Obviously, applying hot wax to your skin and ripping out the hairs is never gonna be all flowers and candy floss – but there are a few ways that you can minimise the pain levels when you go for a wax.

Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol before hand. While a coffee or something stronger might help with the bravery, their stimulants can actually make the skin a lot more sensitive. And similarly, waxing right before your period arrives also means your sensitivity levels are SUPER high. Try waxing at least five days before you’re due on.

And maybe the worst but most effective suggestion? Speed up when you pull the strip away. Go too slowly and it’ll only hurt more, while also removing a lot less hair than it could do. Pretend it’s a plaster and rip it off ASAP.

Is there anything worse than putting yourself through the ordeal of a wax, only to find a load of stubble still left behind? Agh, the struggle is real – so make sure to remember these magical top tips before your next one.

Your hair should be 1/4-1/2 of an inch long before you consider waxing. Any shorter and it just won’t work properly. And on the flip side, the hair shouldn’t be too long either as it could just snap above the skin surface rather than being ripped out below the surface.

Apply the wax in the same direction that the hair goes, and remove it in the opposite direction. Sorted.

While having silky smooth limbs is all very well and good when it comes to streamlining yourself, it’s only worth doing if it’s what you wanna do. If you don’t wanna do any hair removal this summer, you absolutely don’t have to – and it’s your choice entirely.

A life without shaving cuts, 40 minute showers, waxing pain, red bumps, no super-expensive razors, and no judgemental f**kboy comments sounds like a pretty good option too tbh. Your choice.

Words by Lucy Wood

Now that you’re as slippery as a dolphin for summer, how about a watch of Rose and Rosie taking The Body Part Challenge?

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