10 Reality Stars That Have Shared WAY Too Much About Their Other Half

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Don’t you love when you wake up on a weekday morning, check your phone and BLAM. There is a celebrity penis staring back at you.

Sometimes reality stars share waaaaay too much with their fans but we don’t always hate it tbh….

When Chaz snapchatted a picture of her morning view and all we could stare at was Stephen Bear’s…Calvins.


Before they split, Love Island’s Cara and Nathan Massey got us all involved in a steamy Snapchat of Nathan ass naked in the shower.


Let’s just say the emoji-free version of this Instagram that Nicola ‘accidently’ uploaded of Alex Mytton is enough to make you blush.

In case anyone was wondering about Pauly’s D’s penis (we weren’t), Aubrey O’Day admitted in Famously Single that he had a little sparkle to it: “[Pauly D] has his, um penis pierced. It triggers the right spots.”



A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Apr 23, 2016 at 6:05pm PDT

When Kim posted a series of very sexy shots of her and Kanye West we didn’t know if we were looking at stills from her second sex tape or just a steamy limo photoshoot. Wowsa.

Jemma told fans in a live stream: “Yes, I am going out with Chantelle [Connelly]. We have been together for about a month. Yes, I have l*cked out Chantelle.” WOAH it’s all fun and games until someone mentions cunnilingus.


Megan posted this very revealing snap of her and Pete Wicks totes naked in some rando bathroom. That’s a whole lotta Pegan for our eyes. RIP.

Back in the days of Lillie and Gaz Beadle, Lills posted this snap of Gary an his parsnip covered with a monkey emoji. Pretty innocent right? Er, not when the emoji didn’t show up on certain types of phones. AWKWARD.

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Marnie and Lewis were never shy about posting their bods on social media but she actually uploaded a FULL-FRONTAL, dong-swinging picture of Lewis. Again we added the emoji for your health. We don’t know why but the most disturbing things is that he’s wearing trainers. No?

Amber Rose, never the shy wall-flower, spilled a very graphic detail about then-boyf Wiz: “I asked [Wiz Khalifa] for his sperm…so that we can have another baby. But instead, he just put his babies on my face.” EW.

Want more nudity and such? Then check out the cheekiest reality star belfies below…

Source:: MTV – News