10 Times Some Totes Romantic Feelings In The Celebrity Big Brother House Were Def Not Returned

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Every series of CBB we are guaranteed one thing. Nope, not a actual romance (we wish), but an attempt at one. There’s always someone who doesn’t return affections or a fight that gets in the way.

RIP to these couples that never even got a shot…

Kirk really, really tried didn’t he? The after she was out the house, hung out with his dad? Okaaaaay.

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Poor Mike, she had a boyfriend and was having none of it. Cabs are here…for one.

When Casey and Lee hooked up, he swiftly moved on to Jasmine Waltz. The back to Casey, then back to Jasmine. Our heads hurt.

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They fancied each other, they fought and our dreams of a romance were shattered.

The hopes of Jila were blown when Tila was removed from the house. But it looked like James was pretty scared of her heavy advances already tbh.

Tiffany was the lion and Scott the tiny bunny. But a tiny bunny that managed to get away. After a snog or two obvs.

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Before having some major beef in the house, Renee was totes intoBear and made her move a number of times.

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Heavy was left gutted when Chloe declared she had a boyfriend on the outside before hooking up with Bear in a major way. He handled it super well…

In a weird love triangle of Lucien, Amy and Kerry Katona, it appeared like Lucien was pursuing the Essex gal without much luck. We think. It was confusing.

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Grant and Marnie had a weird flirtation in which he was very keen but she had eyes for Lewis. The most memorable moment was when he said he cheated on his wife Anthea Turner with a girl Marnie age. Hint much? Yikes.

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