100 New Pokémon Coming To Pokémon GO

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A whole host of new Pokémon set to be unleashed on Pokémon Go soon, including blobby favourite Ditto, according to references some crafty coders have found!


The clever guys over at The Silph Road have dug down into the code of the latest Pokémon Go APK and found plenty to be excited about. A whopping 100 new Pokémon are now referenced in the game’s code including Pokedex #152 Chikorita and #251 Celebi.

Also found are references to 52 new families, likely those which the 100 Pokémon will span. That includes Ho-Oh, Lugia and more.


There’s also a new move that’s been added simply called “Transform”. This is a quick move, so not a charge or special move and features its own animation sequence. What this will do exactly is still unclear.

A daily quest code has also been added in the update which offers daily and weekly bonuses according to a multiplier.


While Ditto does appear in the code the only move it has associated with it is “Struggle” and it does not have that “Transform” move that all the others appear to have access to. This may simply happen as a result of Ditto entering combat each time.

It’s exciting stuff that could still see more revealed when these new bits of code take full effect!

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– By Luke Edwards @eelukee

Source:: MTV — News