11 Celeb Couples That Proved That Some Relationships Just Won't Die

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If there’s anything we’ve learnt from the world of celebrity romance, it’s that sometimes, two people are just like magnets who can’t help but always come back together, somewhere, somehow.

We mean, we’ve also learnt that dressing in double denim as a couple is a relationship must, but we’ll leave that educational lesson for now.

To celebrate the brand new series of Ex On The Beach (starting tonight at 10pm, DON’T FORGET), here are some of the most famous celeb couples who proved that some relationships JUST won’t die…

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If we looked up the phrase ‘some relationships just won’t die’ in a dictionary, we’d probably find a photo of these two.

Megan and Brian first started dating in 2004 and later got engaged in 2006. However, they called things off in February 2009, shortly before getting back together and getting engaged again and later married in 2010.

They went on to have two sons together (in 2012 and 2014), but their relationship broke down again in 2015, with Megan filing for divorce and citing ‘irreconcilable differences’. *SOB*

However, things are looking up for the couple, with Megan giving birth to their third son in August 2016 and reports claiming they’ve put their divorce on hold and are back on track. Fingers crossed all their drama is over for good!

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Pink and Carey’s relationship has been a *little* bit of a roller coaster since they first started dating in 2001.

They got engaged in 2005 and married in a beaut ceremony in Costa Rica in early 2006. Cute, right?

However, they sadly split in 2008 – though they never ‘officially’ divorced.

Turn to 2009, and the couple began dating again, with therapy helping them to work on their relationship. Luckily, it’s been a happier tale since then, with the couple having two children together and generally being really adorable. YAS!

Ahhh, Skourtney. Skourt. Whatever you want to call them, we’ve been watching the on/off switch on their relationship putting in overtime on Keeping Up With The Kardashians since practically the start of their dating journeys in 2006.

Since then, the couple have faced more ups and downs than The Big Dipper, having three adorable children together and battling Scott’s personal issues together.

After a series of on/off moments, reports claimed the couple had officially separated in 2015, breaking all of our hearts and then some. However, in December 2016, rumours circulated that the two had reconciled and ‘wanted to make things work’, so watch this space…

Our hearts have been invested in #Liley since they went public with their relationship in early 2010, shortly after meeting whilst filming The Last Song in 2009.

It hasn’t been an easy ride for the pair though, as they briefly broke up in August 2010, got back together a month later and sadly split again in the November.

In April 2011, Liley was alive and well again and ready to get engagement in 2012 – but, alas, this is Hollywood and things didn’t last, as they later called off their engaged in September 2013.

Luckily though, three years down the line, Miley and Liam look to be filling our hearts with love once again, with reports stating that in January 2016, they were engaged again. BAGSY BRIDESMAID.

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Emma and Evan, AKA love’s young dream, first started the dating game in 2012, but faced a tough period in 2013 when Emma was arrested for allegedly attacking her boyfriend in Montreal.

The couple worked through things, and Evan proposed to the actress during the most wonderful time of the year (Christmas, obvs) in 2014.

Sadly though, they broke things off in 2015, although they quickly got back together later that year. They then broke up AGAIN in May 2016, before reconciliation rumours were bounded around again near the end of the year.

Let’s just hope this time, things will work out for good…


Jessica and Justin might be spending all their time giving us #couplegoals now, but these two aren’t without their off moments.

Having first got together in 2007, the practically perfect pair then cooled things off in 2011 (much to our heart’s dismay).

However, the split didn’t last long, and having been spotted hanging out again a few months after the split, they went on to get engaged and later married in 2012, before welcoming their first child together in 2015.

Keep being adorable, guys!

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Oh, Jelena. Jelena, Jelena, Jelena.

These two lovebirds have been on and off more times than your average lightswitch, with rumours about their relationship status following them EVERYWHERE since it all started in 2011.

They first put the brakes on in 2012, before quickly getting back together and then breaking up again in 2013 following an alleged argument.

In 2014, Jelena gave things another try, before another split was rumoured. Since then, their romance status has been sketchy, but it seems things are officially off. SOB!

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Having briefly dated back in the 1990s, J-Lo and Marc officially re-kindled their long lost flame in 2004, following the singer’s split from Ben Affleck.

They went on to get married in the same year, and in 2008, welcomed cute twins Max and Emme together. Aww!

However, after rumours that things weren’t all good in paradise, the two sadly split in 2011, with Marc filing for divorce in 2012, and proceedings finalised in 2014.

Despite both entering new relationships since, there were a few whisperings of a potential reconciliation when they shared a kiss after a performance at the Latin Grammys in November 2016, but it seems J-Lo has actually moved on with Drake. As long as they’re both happy, that’s all that matters right?

OF COURSE we couldn’t make a list of on/off couples without including these two.

Since their relationship is too difficult to sum up in a few lines, we have just one thing to ask: WERE THEY ON A BREAK?!

Ahhh, Hyle. Where do we even start?

These two first found love when Kyle entered the Geordie Shore house in 2014 (series 8), and since then, it’s been a rocky affair.

Things hit a low during #Hylegate in Greece, but after a few more on and off moments and confusion (and hopes for a reunion on our part), it seems these two are all loved up right now.

Long may it continue!

We first became mildly obsessed with Olivia and James’ relationship when the pair appeared on the fourth series of Ex On The Beach, with James coming in as the ex.

We learnt that the two had been dating for two and a half years and even owned a house together before they went their separate ways. AKA onto the MTV show where they struck up romances with the other sexy singletons.

However, in June 2016, it looked like the pair had decided to give things another go, with James calling Olivia his ‘girlfriend’ on Twitter. Aww!

Sadly, it didn’t last long, with news of another split coming via James’ Twitter in August that year. We better find another Ex couple to ship then…

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