11 Celebrities Whose Grandparents Are Their BFFs

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When it comes to BFFs, we like to choose people who are guaranteed to ALWAYS be by our side with some wise life advice, a sneaky box of After Eights and a big ol’ cuddle.

Which is probably why we definitely count our wonderful grandparents as some of our very best friends in the world.

To celebrate the brand new series of Spring Break With Grandad, starting TONIGHT (Monday 6th February at 10pm – don’t miss it), let’s take a look at the celebs who have also picked their grandparents as their best buddies. Cute, right?

Miley and her family have a super close bond, but it’s her relationship with her ‘Mammie’, Loretta Finley, that’s particularly hit us right in the feels.

Loretta is no stranger to going out and about to support Miley, heading out on tour, going with her to premieres, supporting her as she mentored on The Voice and even founding Miley Cyrus’ fan club. Aww!

Miley showed just how much her Mammie means to her in 2013 too, when she got her portrait tattooed on her arm, saying on Twitter it’s because ‘I am her favourite and she is mine’.

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Biebs might be busy jetting off to every country in the world as he lives the life of an international pop star, but he still finds time to show a lot of love to his maternal grandparents, Bruce and Diane Dale.

The kind-hearted singer has taken them to recording sessions, included them on his date nights, jetted them out to places like Thailand on tour and invited them to join him on the red carpet.

They’ve defended him throughout his tough times too: ‘He’s just a 19 year old boy. And before you criticise him, say, what is my 19-year-old boy doing?’

Think you recognise Katy’s grandma? Well, that’s probably because Katy isn’t shy about inviting her lovely grandma Ann along to a host of red carpet events, including the 2011 Grammys and the Smurfs 2 premiere.

Back in 2013, Katy admitted Ann keeps a close eye on what she’s getting up to too, telling Capital FM: “My grandmother is in charge of my morals. I do anything wrong, she’ll come after me.”


We always knew Shawn was a proper sweetheart, but his relationship with his grandma has got us all heart-eyed more than ever.

Posting on her birthday last year, Shawn shared the most adorable photo with his nan, writing: “Before it passes 12 on the west coast.. Happy birthday avo. Love you with all my heart. ❤️ This photo is absolutely hilarious. Yes im wearing slippers. Im going to frame this. Shes laughing very hard haha”.



The Kardashians’ close bond with their grandma Mary Jo, or ‘MJ’ as she’s affectionately known, is no big secret, especially to fans of the family.

The famous sisters are keen to share the love for MJ on social media, with Kim calling her grandma her ‘idol’ on her 80th birthday, while Kourtney described her as a ‘strong, independent, smart woman’.

Nothing like a big family love-in to warm our cold hearts, eh?

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From having her grandma’s support when she was younger to having her grandma by her side when she got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, ScarJo has always had a close bond with Dorothy Sloan.

In fact, Scarlett even named her daughter with Romain Dauriac after her grandma, calling her Rose Dorothy.

Doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Rihanna’s grandma Clara Braithwaite, known as ‘Dolly’, sadly suffered from a long battle with cancer, with RiRi taking out from being an international superstar to spend some time with her grandma.

After Dolly tragically lost her battle in 2012, Rihanna paid tribute with a beautiful tattoo of goddess Isis, writing on Instagram: “Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations – #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart’.


When he’s not busy melting our hearts with the soulful sound of his singing voice, the ever-lovable Charlie is busy posting adorable photos with his grandma.

In fact, it’s so cute it’s pretty much rendered us unable to speak.

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Ariana is such great BFFs with her grandma that she invited her to be her date at the 2015 AMAs, where she *pretty* much stole the show with her adorable photos with Ariana and Frankie.

Marjorie, or ‘Nonna’ then came back a year later when Ariana walked the carpet solo, turning up backstage to surprise the singer and show her support.

If that’s not a real BFF, we don’t know what is.

Though Rita’s grandma lives in Kosovo, the two maintain their BFF status, with grandma Besa making yearly visits to England to see her family.

She supports Rita from aboard too, telling The Sun in 2015 that she’s decorated her flat with photos of ‘Rita Pita’ and that she listens to Rita’s music ‘non-stop’.

Rita’s grandad Besim sadly died in 2005, with the singer describing him as an ‘idol’ in a tribute on Instagram.

Taking your grandad with you on an epic Spring Break journey to Cancun?

Yep, that’s DEFINITELY enough to secure BFF status – and that’s exactly what Geordie Shore lad Gaz did when he took his grandad Raymond on a holiday he’ll never forget!

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