11 Ways To Spot A Douchebag On Dating Apps

PUT IT AWAY. If the best thing about you are your abs then we’ve got a problem. Six of them.

2. Gym selfies

The dating game is a real faff at times and sometimes if you’re on apps, it can make you want to throw your phone off a cliff and commit your life to a nunnery or monastery

Half the battle is finding someone who doesn’t seem like a total tool or someone who won’t ghost you after days of talking, so hopefully this handy little guide will assist you in avoiding douchebags and escaping heartache…

But first, Zac Fox took on Tinder and this is what happened…

1. Gratuitous shirtless pics

PUT IT AWAY. If the best thing about you are your abs then we’ve got a problem. Six of them.

2. Gym selfies

Selfies in the gym mirror are also a little questionable, particularly if they’ve decided to use three of them in their profile. If you’re at the gym then work out, don’t stand in front of a mirror admiring yourself.

3. Only messaging after 10pm

This person is in it for a hook up. Be warned.

4. Too many lads lads lads pics

If all they have are pics of themselves in Zante then all they do is drink with their mates. Bye.

5.The Ex snaps

WHY? WHY, WHY, WHY? If they’re posting pics with the ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, chances are they aren’t over them. Although the people that post them with an emoji pasted over the former flame’s face might also be worth a swerve.

6. The sexual innuendo

If you’ve been chatting to a gal or dude who immediately makes a sexual joke or tries to swing the convo around to boning then they’re not looking for love, let’s be honest.

7. Pinterest quotes

This is not the time or place.

8. The weirdly controlling bio

Usually guys with the “if you can’t hold a good conversation then I’m not interested” and “if you’re not going to chat then don’t swipe.” If you need to write that then there will be an ego involved.

9. The ‘hi’

If all they give you is a ‘hello’ then they’re not going to put any effort in. Yes, they’re fit but save yourself some time and move on.

10. Look how rich I am

If they’re posing in front of a fancy car, obviously showing their designer shiz or flashing their cash then get out while you can.

11. D*ck pics

It might seem obvious but if he’s sending you pics of his junk then show him the door.

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Source:: MTV — News