12 Products That Will Actually Work For Sorting Out Your Dry AF Winter Skin

With all of its chunky knitwear, snuggly evenings, fairy lights and Christmas vibes, winter is maybe the best season of the whole year (don’t @ us), but there is one major downside. Dry skin.

Before we show you the goodies, how about checking out these Pinterst-worthy Christmas wrapping hacks…

GAH, is there anything worse than waking up and finding out that your face has basically transformed into flakey pastry overnight?

Your legs feel like sandpaper and your hands belong to a withered old lady, which is never a great look.

So if you’re starting to feel like a human shaped raisin wearing a wooly hat then listen up, because these are 12 magical skincare products that will ACTUALLY work wonders on your dry skin. Mmm, dat hydration.

Skincare That Works On Dry AF Winter Skin

Words by Lucy Wood

Source:: MTV — News