5 Of Our Favourite Selena Gomez Singles

Selena Gomez is back with a new single.

After a year long hiatus the singer is ready to put her stamp on the music industry once again.

There have been features in between – yes – but ‘Bad Liar’ marks the first solo single that Selena’s released since ‘Kill Em With Kindness’ last May. It is also the lead single from her new album. In true Selena style, the song is already receiving rave reviews from critics and topping charts across the world. We couldn’t be more excited. With that in mind we decided to take a look back at all of the music that the most followed person on Instagram has released during her career so far.

Here are five of our favourite Selena Gomez singles…

In 2011 Selena was already a household name – well a household name to kids and teenagers at least. Wizards of Waverley Place had become one of the most successful TV shows on Disney and Selena already had numerous multi-platinum singles under her belt with her band ‘The Scene’. And yet – in spite of this – many people still dismissed her as a byproduct of Disney and not an artist in her own right.

‘Love You Like a Love Song’ was the catalyst that started to change all of that. Whilst its predecessor, ‘Who Says’, sounded as though it was straight out of a Disney film – in the best way possible – ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ was a fresh and exciting slice of modern electro pop. It proved her potential as a popstar and suggested that Selena would have a musical career long after Wizards of Waverley Place. Six years later and she’s one of the biggest names in pop.

After Wizards of Waverley Place came to an end in 2012, Selena parted ways with The Scene and began to focus on her career as a solo artist. Free from Disney she, with the help of her mother as her manager, began to sought out more adult films to act in like Spring Breakers. She also started to use her celebrity to work with some of the biggest names in the music industry – Stargate, Ester Dean, Rock Mafia all feature on her 2013 album ‘Stars Dance’ – in the hopes of establishing herself as a popstar outside of Disney.

Cue ‘Come & Get It’: an in your face smash hit, originally written for Rihanna. It went on to sell three million copies in the US alone. From the ‘na na na na’ refrain to the Bollywood inspired production – it’s pop gold and a testament to Selena’s popstar capabilities.

As work began on Selena’s second solo album – Revival – creative control was of the utmost importance to her. She cut ties with her mother’s management and left Hollywood Records for Interscope. Here she chose not just to collaborate with established writers but seek out new talent and find her own sound in the process. Speaking to Time she said: ‘I had to really discover what was going to work for me because there were times in my career where I sang things that just weren’t me and weren’t for me. You can hear it in my voice. You can hear it when it’s inauthentic. This whole record is extremely intimate. I did executive produce it.’

With writing duo Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, Gomez found her sound and ‘Good For You’ was the single that started it all. Its sparse production and breathy vocals are emblematic of what is now trademark Selena Gomez. What’s more – it made Julia and Justin the hottest writers in pop. Even now, two years after ‘Good for You’ was released, popstars are still trying to imitate its sound in the hopes of creating a hit.

Luckily ‘Good for You’ was not the only hit on Revival. In fact from ‘Same Old Love’ to ‘Sober’ and ‘Me & the Rhythm’ to ‘Me & My Girls’, Revival came full of songs that could still be hits if they were released today. Nevertheless, the stand out of them all was and remains ‘Hands to Myself’.

The slinky, syncopated pop number is reminiscent of Prince himself and a single that merits repeated listens. Whether its the fact that the song introduces its ‘I can’t keep my hands to myself’ chorus in its first line or the brilliant ‘I mean I could but why would I want to?’ lyric – ‘Hands to Myself’ is a pop masterpiece. Not only that but it features some finishing production touches from ‘…Baby One More Time’ and ‘Teenage Dream’ producer, Max Martin. Thanks to all of that, ‘Hands to Myself’ will go down in history not just as one of Selena’s best singles but as one of pop’s best singles too.

Only time will tell exactly where ‘Bad Liar’ ranks among Selena’s singles but it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most exciting singles of the year so far. The sing speak nature of the verses and the underlying bass make it stand out from everything that’s on the radio right now. It also masters the trick of sounding very much like a Selena Gomez single but also like nothing else that she’s put out so far. The lyrics are ludicrous and clever just like her best: ‘But just like the battle of Troy, there’s nothing subtle here’ and the final refrain of ‘let’s make reality actuality a reality’ is sublime.

‘Bad Liar’ is subtler than anything that Selena has released so far – a new popstar might struggle to turn it into a hit but with Selena’s star power/delivery, she might not just have a hit on her hands but another trend starter. Here’s hoping that she performs it at the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday.

By Sam Prance

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