9 Alt Fashion And Beauty Bloggers To Inspire You To Up Your Creativity

If you like your hair in all shades of rainbow, a spinkling of glitter with extra kickass vibes, inked-up tattoos for days and prefer a vampy purple lipstick over a soft nude any day of the week, then we have the beauty bloggers for you.

These are the girls who break the rules, redefine the standards, apply the products that others shy away from and step outside the box of the beauty blogging world.

Think bright blue hair that’s still super shiny and shampoo advert worthy. Think top to toe tattoos that any Instagrammer would be proud of. Think ghostly pale skin with a perfectly blended smokey eye.

Edge, grunge, punk and goth are just as beautiful as the average, so look no further than our round up of 9 alt beauty bloggers who’ll inspire you to up your creativity with makeup and fashion.

In a whirlwind of navy blue and turquoise locks, dark lipstick and festival-ready outfits, Zoe provides all the alt fashion and beauty inspo that you could ever need.

Her dreamy lookbooks are to die for and if you’re planning on any kind of mermaid, rainbow or My Little Pony hair makeover in the future, she’s your number one gal to follow.

Helibells, Heidi Petite, LuluTrixabelle and Tiger Lilly are the brightest, boldest and most colourful creatives in town, who’ll make you wonder why the eff you’ve been sticking to black tshirts and blue jeans for so long.

Their unique looks are all about channelling self love and confidence – usually with feathers, sequins and platform shoes thrown into the mix. Slay.

YouTubers don’t come more beautiful and badass than Helen. Basically the inked up BFF of your dreams, you’ll find everything from piercing chats to tattoo regrets, stretched ear hacks and maturing alternative style advice on her YouTube channel.

She’s also a brill performer too with her band Box of Light, so that just gives her a whole load of extra cool points.

Still missing the MySpace days? Amy brings them into 2017 with a much, MUCH cooler take on emo style. Seriously, so much cooler.

Her dress sense is dreamy and nearly always comes straight from the high street, while her beauty vids include cute alt hairstyles, essential festival skincare and a perfect pink hair care routine.

Kaya Lili aka Toxic Tears rocks her gothic channel with the sweetest personality, and chats all things gorgeous and gothic with videos like The Goth Tag and to What Not To Say To A Goth Girl. Handy.

You’ll fall head over heels in love with her incredible style, and a black lipstick will be top of your To Buy list as soon as you hit the subscribe button.

Taking the beauty industry norms and chucking them out of the window, Divina will seriously blow your mind with her truly amazing makeup skills and conceptual, experimental looks.

You’ll find perfected messy glitters, cartoon-esque statement liners and incredible illusion lips on her Insta that’ll help to ace your Halloween game this year.

Lover of all things creepy and cute, Drew should be one of your first stops if you’re on the hunt for alt beauty on YouTube. Rose gold smoky pink hair tutorials? Yes please.

You’ll also find videos of her getting full sleeve tattoos, creative wig lookbooks and a serious obsession with all things Halloween. Same, girl.

As well as being a beauty blogger, Kimi has modelled for a whole range of alternative brands so you know she knows her stuff with all things fashion and makeup.

Whether it’s making bright blue lipstick looking like the best idea or the long violet hair of your dreams, she’ll give you grunge bohemian witchy vibes in a great way.

B R E A K I N G • the • H A B I T ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "Breaking The Habit" is probably my favorite @linkinpark song because it resonated with me the most. It's definitely my favorite music video of theirs for a few reasons. 1) when I first watched it, I automatically recognized the animation team that worked on it because they animated one of my favorite stories in The Animatrix as well as the animated sequence in Kill Bill. 2) it inspired me artistically and for a while I drew the young girl from the video over and over and applied that style to my regular work. 3) the young girl's story mirrored mine; it was like watching them tell my story. Since I hold this song and its video so dear to my heart, I decided to do a look inspired by it 🌹 //// used @mehronmakeup Paradise Paint palette

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Mostly showing off her work on Insta, Lauren is an MUA who uses her own rare vitiligo condition to emphasise some seriously uhmazing alt makeup experiments.

We’re particularly obsessed with her intense blue smokey eye, ultra violet graphic liner and her stunning Lincoln Park tribute look. The talent is REAL.

Words by Lucy Wood

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