A University Student Tweeted A Video Of Her Racist Abuse And Here's What Happened

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WARNING: this article contains upsetting and offensive language.

Rufaro Chisango, a student at Nottingham Trent University, was subjected to horrendous racist chants from outside her room on Monday night. She reported it, but nothing was done, so on Wednesday she took to Twitter to post a video of it.

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The video just showed her bedroom door, but the audio revealed the racist abuse she was receiving from behind it. “We hate the blacks”, and “Ooh ah f**k the blacks, say ooh ah f**k the blacks” were among the chants.

yoo I’m fuming, the way people in the same uni halls as me are chanting “we hate the blacks” outside my bedroom door. Words cannot describe how sad this makes me feel, in this 2018 people think this is still acceptable😤 pic.twitter.com/XUiYqNIWQT

— Ruu (@rufarochisango_) March 7, 2018

Talking to the BBC about the incident, Rufaro described having just got home when she heard the shouting outside her door. “I was just shocked, like that was literally my initial response, I was just really shocked and I felt really isolated and uncomfortable. I just want the appropriate action to be taken. Obviously its racial abuse that shouldn’t be tolerated at all and it shouldn’t have such a long delay when I report something like this.”

I told the reception and they said that this will be dealt with Tuesday morning, they took my details and said they would inform me… it’s Wednesday night and they haven’t.

— Ruu (@rufarochisango_) March 7, 2018

The video has now got almost two million views and more than 50k likes, having trended on Twitter today, and loads of people have been expressing their shock and outrage and sending Rufaro words of support, including grime star Lethal Bizzle.

After the huge amount of attention the case has gathered, two men have now been arrested on suspicion off the back of the video, and the Vice-Chancellor of the uni has taken to Twitter to express his shock, and assure everyone that there will be consequences of this kind of behaviour.

All @TrentUni are appalled at this behaviour which will not be tolerated. The alleged perpetrators have been suspended and a disciplinary inquiry begun. The police are conducting an investigation and have made arrests. We are also supporting the complainant and her flatmates. https://t.co/5JsvxxneyN

— Edward Peck (@ProfEdwardPeck) March 8, 2018

It’s about time that we all started realising just how much racism goes under wraps and how rarely it is actually punished. Just like Rufaro has done, we should all be raising awareness whenever we can about racism and abuse, because when a story like this gathers this much momentum it has a huge impact, and results in action.

Today is a good day for the black community. How often is it we see people actually paying the price for racism? Usually just swept under the carpet and the victims are oppressed. Not today tho, my girl @rufarochisango_ starting a movement I’m so proud ❤️❤️

— ree (@reannahsmith) March 8, 2018

If this is going to start a movement, it’s a movement that’s been a long time coming, and we’re totally on board.

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