Aaron Chalmers And Joey Essex Discuss The Perfect Way To Shut Down 'Irrelevant' Trolls

Ever since social media has pretty much taken over our entire existence, online trolls have been on the rise. But luckily Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers and TOWIE star Joey Essex have realised the perfect way to get the upper hand.

The lads chatted to The Mirror ahead of their upcoming appearances on Just Tattoo Of Us, and Aaron revealed that while he used to try to explain himself to the ‘idiots’, he’s now taken a different approach.

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Aaron has bit back in the past when troll insisted on coming for his unfinished tattoo work, as he explained: “Tattoos are a work in progress. My aim, if I could get a picture and show you what it’s going to look like in five years when it’s all done people would be like, ‘Ah right it makes sense’, but I’m training at the minute so I can’t get tattooed every f**king week, so when I get something in stages it looks s**t.”

In defence of his artwork, he added: “My arm looks bad at the minute because it’s not finished and my neck’s not finished but if I could show you a picture in five years time when it’s all done you’d say it works but at the minute it’s a slow process.”


But Aaron’s new approach is simply to let the trolls argue with themselves, as he’s DONE explaining himself: “You can’t even explain to half these idiots because no matter what you say they just don’t get it so what’s the point? I used to try to explain myself but now I just don’t give a f**k.”

He added that the second you reply they know “they’ve got you,” and so now he enjoys letting them effectively have an argument with a brick wall by ignoring them.

Joey Essex added that he simply DGAF, and chooses not to see it.

“If someone writes something on Twitter, why would I care? They could write the worst thing in the world, something about even my personal life, I do not care,” he said.

“Why would I care? I look straight past it.”

Aaron pointed: “It’s just irrelevant people that you don’t even know and you’re never going to meet.”

So there you have it trolls, don’t expect to get a rise out of these two tattoo lovers.

Don’t forget to catch them on Just Tattoo Of Us Monday nights at 10pm on MTV!

Source:: MTV — News