Annie Mac And Greg James Weigh In On Why We Should Be Playing Dave’s ‘Black’

Not only this, but it’s just an extremely good song. Dave’s fast and heated lyricism is nothing short of pure eccentric talent that jumps out in every single bar and rap. He never slips up, never drops the ball, and has provided us with a commentary on the world around us in a vessel that can never be boring, because you just can’t be bored when you’re listening to Dave rap about something that you can feel deeply resonates within him.

So, what’s the problem? Well, when played on air on BBC Radio 1 yesterday, viewers commented on social media that Dave’s song made them feel ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘offended’ them. Here’s why that’s a problem: when you close off discussions like this, which are incredibly important to dismantling the racism that is built into the very structure of the society we live in, you are silencing people that have taken years to come forward about the effects racism has on them. Yes, it’ll probably make you feel uncomfortable, and that’s okay, because this isn’t a topic to be taken lightly – and if you’re privileged enough to be on the other side of it, it’s your job to take in and listen to what these people are saying.

DJ and Radio 1 Presenter