ASOS Just Styled Out Printing A Typo On 17,000 Bags

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Most of us bury our head under the sand when we make a mistake at work and keep our fingers crossed that nobody will notice we’ve broken the office printer for the fifth time running.

But ASOS have proved that they are the real MVPs of the online retail world after holding their hands up to a typo made on their plastic packaging.

Let’s get checking out whether a bunch of grown adults can pass a GCSE…

It’s fair to say that customers can get a bit sassy when they spot mistakes in their online order, so the company decided to troll themselves for telling people to “discover fashion onilne” as opposed to “online.”

Around 17,000 bags were printed with the error until someone on the production line spotted that onilne isn’t actually a word and called a halt to the printing.

Joking that they’d all had a bad day at the office, @ASOS said: “Ok, so we *may* have printed 17,000 bags with a typo. We’re calling it a limited edition.”

Proving that honesty is always the best policy, social-media users soon announced that they’d just have to “buy something” in the hopes of receiving one of those unique bags.

“I love everything about this. If you make a mistake, own it,” one user responded, while another said: “I work in fashion as well….I think we’ve had our share of typos like “sh*te shirt” instead of “white shirt.””

Props to ASOS for calling themselves out and we’d be lying if we said this hadn’t inspired us to order a bunch of new items from their app.

Source:: MTV — News