Backpack Kid Has a New Dance Called 'The Money Dance'

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Backpack Kid

Check My New Move …

The Money Dance

6/13/2018 8:03 AM PDT


Backpack Kid‘s signature dance, the Floss, is already immortalized in Fortnite … and while he says he never got a penny from the game, he’s not sweatin’ it — ’cause he’s banking on a new dance.

BK, aka Russell Horning, was at Tuesday’s first ever E3 Celebrity Pro-Am, where celebs like Pete Wentz and EDM DJ Marshmello squared off for $1 million jackpot for charity.

The video game is worth about a billion dollars and featured Russell’s moves, but it was retired when the new season of the video game launched.

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Fortnite never cut Russell, who’s 16, a check for the feature, but Russell says he could care less because it was a huge honor, and he’s already moved on to a new dance he’s aptly calling The Money Dance. He gave us a preview.

BTW, Russell probably busted it out after the tournament. He finished 10th and won $30k for charity.

Source:: TMZ – Music News