Biffy Clyro Reveal The Challenge Of Going Unplugged In Our Exclusive 'Many Of Horror' Commentary

“Once we realised we didn’t have to impersonate anyone else, as much as we gobbled up lots of Unplugged performances when we found out we were going to do it we realised we can only do our own thing and when you see the stage set we wanted to give a slight nod of the hat to Nirvana, but we wanted to really do it different than everything else so we had the crowd, it’s a lot more of a gig, it’s not like a TV studio and we really wanted to feel like it was just in that moment.

“A lot of the Unplugged performances over the years, they maybe re-record a song a couple of times but for us we really wanted it to be of the moment so you’ve got the warts and all in these songs.”

Biffy Clyro: MTV Unplugged premieres tonight on MTV at 9pm and MTV Music at 10pm.