Brian Littrell Claps Back at Joey Fatone, Backstreet Boys Will Crush 'NSYNC in Hoops!

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Backstreet BoysAccept ‘NSYNC’s Hoops Challenge… We’ll Take You 2-on-5!

4/14/2018 12:25 AM PDT


The boy band basketball turf war just got REAL — with Brian Littrell telling Joey Fatone that Backstreet will straight DOMINATE ‘NSYNC on the hardwood.

And get this — Brian says it’ll only take 2 of the Boys to hoop up ‘NSYNC’s entire roster!

“They’ll lose, plain and simple,” Littrell told TMZ Sports at LAX. “You can take myself and Nick against all 5 of those dudes and we’ll be cool.”

Brian ain’t playing — telling us he’s got a court at home to keep his game tight.

So, if Joey,JT and co. really want it like Fatone said, Littrell’s down … and says he wants 10 racks on it!!

“When we win, I’ll donate my $10,000 that I have on the game to charity. Joey can pick it.”


Source:: TMZ – Music News