Cardi B Pics Lead to Big Fat Lawsuit Against VH1, Viacom

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Cardi B

Photog Sues Over Pics …

VH1 Stole My Shots


As the saying goes … a picture of Cardi B‘s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is why a photographer says she’s suing VH1 and BET’s parent company … TMZ has learned.

The above shot of Cardi was taken by Rebecca Fay Walsh and, in her lawsuit, Rebecca says she noticed Cardi use it in a social media post in September 2018. But then, Cardi’s post — WITH Rebecca’s photo — showed up on and

That’s a big no-no in Rebecca’s book. According to the suit, neither outlet got the photog’s permission to use her photo. She wants Viacom — the parent company of VH1 and BET — to fork over a minimum of $150,000 for each use of the shot.

It’s interesting … she’s not suing Cardi for posting the pic. Could be Cardi got permission, or maybe Rebecca just doesn’t want to pick a fight with the rapper. She’s got a reputation, y’know.

Source:: TMZ – Music News