Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Courtney Act Explains The Ins And Outs Of Lube

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Since Drag icon Courtney Act (real name Shane Gilberto Jenek) graced the Celebrity Big Brother house, she has well and truly won the hearts of everyone watching. Not only is she heaps of fun and a total stunner, but her open mind and willingness to educate on topics from gender to sexuality makes her the CBB housemate we have literally been waiting for all of our lives. It’s no secret that the Australian star is a seriously smart cookie, something that shines through in every conversation she has in the house, but she really proved to be an endless source of wisdom when she came by MTV.

The babe gave us an exclusive lesson on all things lube, schooling us on the different types, uses and precautions when it comes to the slippery goods and she’s got us feeling a whole lot better (or should we say, wetter) about having it in our lives.

Hit play on the video to see Courtney explain literally EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about lube…

Hallelujah! Doesn’t it feel good to be so clued AND lubed up?

Now hit play below for more incredible lessons from Courtney Act…

Source:: MTV — News