Celebs Who Cheated With Their Reality TV Co-Star: Including Seann Walsh And Stephen Bear

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You don’t need us to tell you that cheating isn’t cool, but there seems to be something about reality TV that makes it hard for participants to keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Seann Walsh and his dance partner Katya Jones caused a bit of an uproar recently when they were pictured brazenly snogging in the street, despite the fact they both have/had a partner. And while it’s all pretty shady, they aren’t the first and they definitely won’t be the last to succumb to reality telly’s cheating curse. Ex On The Beach’s Stephen Bear, Marnie Simpson and TOWIE’s Amber Turner have all been there and done it too, with some feeling a little more remorseful than others.

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Eek! In an ideal world, no one would ever cheat, but if you’re going to do it then you need to at least be prepared to feel the full wrath of your betrayed partner (queue Lillie Lexi Gregg coming into the CBB house to confront Bear).

It’s also worth noting that more people have managed to take on reality TV and NOT cheat, so it’s probably best to consider this lot the minority.

Still, that won’t stop us being wary of every single Strictly Come Dancing couple who throw a suspicious amount of passion into their jive.

Source:: MTV — News