Celebs You Could Realistically* Date In 2019

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Single and ready to mingle with someone who is on the brink of fame and looking for a special person to share their future millions with? Well we’ve put together a list of all the celebs that we think you could totally date, you know, if you were to bump into them in your local supermarket.

Sure, some of them may already have millions of Instagram followers and a six pack to match, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still super #humble and happy to date a mere member of the public such as yourself.

So go ahead and take your pick from this lot, before venturing on a journey to track them down and marry them.

KJ Apa

Okay so we’re not entirely sure how it’s humanly possible for this man to be single, but seeing as he’s not been papped with anyone or posted a sickeningly loved up Insta post we’re going to assume he’s also ready mingle. With us, preferably.

Jess Glynne

She’s super hush hush about her real life relationship status, but don’t let that stop you from shooting your shot if you stumble across her on one of the apps in the future.

Jaz Sinclair

There is no way that Jaz Sinclair is actually single IRL, because have you SEEN her Instagram? That woman is the very definition of the fire emoji, and basically our dream human.

Chance Perdermo

If luck would have it that Chance is really into the kind of people who wear pyjamas all day and rarely leave the house, then hey how you doin’? Again, we’re purely going on the fact that he’s not taken a S/O to a Sabrina red carpet event yet.

Joe Sugg

He’s been spotted on a number of dating apps this year, so unless there are some pesky catfish out there then he’s a viable option. And when we say viable, we mean he doesn’t have a security guard to stop us from ‘bumping into him’ in Pret.

Michael B. Jordan

While, yes, MBJ is the definition of an A-list celeb, he’s proved that he’s totally fine with potentially dating a not-even-on-the-list-er. Or maybe we really are just deluded.

George Ezra

All we want in life is to be serenaded by a cute boy who, much like ourselves, also has the heart of an old person. Is that really too much to ask?

Maggie Rogers

Okay there’s a pattern emerging now, because our reasons for wanting to date Maggie are really the same as our ones for George. Plus she’s got some killer dance moves which we’d quite like for her to teach us.

Liza Koshy

After her and David Dobrik split we imagine Liza’s Insta DMs were at max capacity, because who wouldn’t want to date this girl? She’s freaking hilarious and super brainy, so yes we either want to date her or just be her.

Source:: MTV — News