Charlotte Crosby Has Dyed Her Hair Pink And Fans Are Obsessed

Former Geordie Shore lass Charlotte Crosby isn’t afraid of switching up her looks, and her latest transformation has fans wanting to replicate her brand new hairstyle.

The Charlotte Show star has undergone a pretty drastic transformation, switching up her iconic blonde locks for a stunning shade of pink. Mean Girls eat your heart out, it’s officially Wednesday every day for Charlotte.

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Taking to her Instagram Stories, the lass showed off a quick snap of her getting her hair done by stylist Steven Mason and she’s never looked better. Seriously, it’s everything.

The reality TV babe then went on to share a snap to her Instagram feed, with the caption: “Woke up with a touch of pink.”

Fans were quick to praise the new style, with one commenting: “Love this hair colour, might have to get me weave this colour next [sic].”


Another took the opportunity to tell Charlotte how she’s never looked better, writing: “Wow! Absolutely on point omg, looking the best yet. Barbie eat ya heart out [sic].”

One fan noticed that the lass’ new colour is the exact same as her last wig, while another wanted to make their MI5 skills known, commenting: “I see a hair colour change!”

Tbf, we totally understand the obsession over Charlotte’s new locks, she’s glowing and one fan agrees, adding: “Keep doing you cuz u glowin’ [sic].”

There’s a brand new self-proclaimed pink princess and everyone’s so here for it.

Source:: MTV — News