Charlotte Crosby Is ‘F***ing Bored’ Of Talking About Cosmetic Surgery

Charlotte Crosby is officially bored AF. And it’s all because she keeps on getting asked about her cosmetic surgery procedures.

After she was recently called out by a journalist for being ‘moody’ when answering questions about the work she’s had done, Charlotte has hit back. The Geordie Shore babe has explained that she’s just had enough of the same questions all the time.

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“I am very open about everything I’ve had done and the answers are all out there. I don’t know why anybody needs to ask me,” she told The Sun Online.

“I have spoken about my nose job, and how I get my lips done and I’ve spoken about the corrective back surgery I’ve had,” the Just Tattoo Of Us presenter adds.

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In fact, Charlotte is so over talking about her nose or her lips or her boobs that she can understand why other celebs simply deny having anything surgically enhanced.

“I am starting to see why people lie because it is so f***ing boring getting asked about it every single interview. It is insulting to the things that I have got going on and what we are meant to be talking about.

“What different things do they possibly want me to say about my lips that I haven’t said or that I won’t say in tomorrow’s interview? It is f***ing boring!!”

She makes a good point, TBH – we already know as much about Charl’s surgery history as her actual surgeon.

Source:: MTV — News