Charlotte Crosby Just Obliterated A Troll Who Slated Holly Hagan’s Appearance

Charlotte Crosby has proved that she’s the perfect friend after defending Holly Hagan from a troll who claimed her face is unrecognisable from how it used to look when she first joined Geordie Shore.

When the troll stated that the 26-year-old was “prettier” in the past, Charlotte decided that enough was enough and stepped in to point out that it’s not like her pal has undergone a total face transplant.

Now check out Charlotte throwing the most extra house party of 2019 so far…

“This must be a joke? How can this not look like her face? Surprisingly enough she hasn’t had a face transplant, she’s grown up she’s matured… she’s not changed 1 thing apart from her make-up style THANK GOD!

“Because wearing 10 pairs of eyelashes was never good. People like you are so unbelievably DUMB. Holly is absolutely stunning there is no if buts or maybes about it. How you could ever comment anything differently, it’s ludicrous you need you EYES CHECKING MATE. [sic]”


Holly spotted the support and responded that Char is the one person on Earth who can vouch for her appearance: “Can always count on you someone who’s seen me pretty much every day for the last 8 years.”

As always, there’s were plenty more kind comments than there were nasty ones, with most people arguing that Holly looked gorgeous in the shot: “Ur body is insane,” one person wrote, as another said: “Someone needs to come pick my jaw up from off the floor.”

Once again, the Geordie cast are always at their best when they’re sticking up for each other. When will the trolls learn?

Source:: MTV — News