Charlotte Crosby Posts Stunning Bikini Selfie Next To A Naked Joshua Ritchie

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Charlotte Crosby is basically living everyone’s dream life rn. The star of The Charlotte Show is currently on holiday in the Maldives with her new man Josh Ritchie and she’s not stopped posting about on social media.

And not only is she living in actual paradise right now, she’s also been showing off her amazing bikini body while posing next to a naked Josh. There’s just a towel between us an little Josh.

Charlotte Crosby’s amazing transformation over the years…

Or not-so-little Josh. Charl’s actually bragged about the size of his peen in the picture caption and honestly we cannot deal. You can insert many, many blushing face emojis here.

But this isn’t the first time Charlotte’s talked about Josh’s private parts. During a chat with Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing for his podcast, which funnily enough is called Private Parts, she couldn’t help but mention how well endowed he is.

“I’ll tell you a secret, he’s got the biggest d**k. No word of a lie, this microphone is ten inches long. It’s thick and it’s long. Almost like a baton,” she boasted.

And she’s clearly a very proud girlfriend: “It’s so bad because I don’t stop telling people about it. Pretty bad isn’t it?”

Charlotte, never change.

WATCH! Charlotte Crosby’s amazing transformation over the years…

Source:: MTV — News