Charlotte Crosby Wears Nothing But A Teeny Tiny Towel In This Incredible Selfie

Charlotte Crosby has proved that less is more when it comes to selecting an outfit that will rack up a ridiculous amount of Instagram likes.

We all know at this point but that the former Geordie Shore lass is comfortable in her skin. For one, how could anyone forget that iconic GIF of Char shaking her peachy behind in nothing but a pair of high-heeled boots?

Let’s all get checking out Charlotte Crosby’s incredible transformation over the years…

Giving us all the inspiration we ever needed to rock up to an event with our hair in a messy bun and an outfit inspired by Rita Ora EMAs look, Charlotte captioned her latest shot: “Feeling a little B&W today ⚪️⚫️”

Fans immediately took to the social-media platform to comment that Char looks mint without all the accessories. “Wow wish i was that towel wrapped around ya 😊 gorgeous,” one person wrote.

Another kept things a little more PG by commenting on the overall ~aesthetic~ of the image: “Looking good Charlotte. Nicely taken photo. Liking the black n white theme.”

Charlotte Crosby wears nothing but a towel in this incredible selfie.

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And someone else decided to cut right to the chase by asking Charlotte for her hand in marriage – which, in fairness – would actually be a pretty good story to tell the grandkids.

Could a future wedding be on the cards? We’re not ruling it out.

Source:: MTV — News