Charlotte Crosby’s Got An Important Life Lesson To Share And It’s Got Us Feeling Inspired – EXCLUSIVE

From her first steps into the Geordie Shore house to being an awesome businesswoman to landing her VERY OWN MTV series, The Charlotte Show (starting Wednesday 28th March at 9pm) and everything else in-between, our lass Charlotte Crosby has definitely achieved a whole world of amazing things over the past few years.

And it seems that she’s picked up some proper valuable wisdom and knowledge along the way too, with the mint lass exclusively sharing some of the most important life lessons she’s learnt with MTV.


Speaking exclusively to MTV, Charlotte opens up about what she’s learnt since going from “a normal girl from Sunderland to being written about in all of the national press.”

Revealing the hardest lesson she’s learnt along the way, the Geordie lass explains: “The hardest lesson I’ve learnt in this whole fame thing is just to get used to being constantly scrutinised, seeing negative things written about yourself and constantly getting trolled.


“You’ve just got to learn a way to just completely get over it.”

She adds: “I just have the attitude of ‘I just don’t care’. As long as I haven’t done anything to hurt anyone, to upset anyone or to cause anyone any distress, then why on Earth would I care?”

Yas, lass!

Explaining that she achieves her life goals by “being focused, being very true to (herself)” and always wanting to “be the best,” Charlotte adds that she’s “very, very, very ambitious.”

She tells MTV: “I set meself goals all the time, and I think it was like two years ago I had, like, four goals that I wanted to achieve and I think three of them are gone (sic).”


Sharing one of the most important life lessons she’s learnt on her journey, Charlotte gives us some mint advice, explaining: “You will never be as young as you are in this very moment.

“Do more with your life, get up and go out and do something ‘cause there’s gonna be a time where you actually can’t do anything.”

We can always count on this lass to make us feel proper inspired. Yas!

Don’t miss this lass in her very own series, The Charlotte Show, starting Wednesday 28th March at 9pm on MTV! And watch even more exclusive videos with Charlotte below:

Source:: MTV — News