Charlotte Crosby's Massive Cleavage Leaves Fans Well And Truly Gobsmacked

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Former Geordie Shore babe Charlotte Crosby has just blessed us with the ultimate gift in the form of a phenomenal swimsuit selfie.

The star’s recent dedication to the gym and healthy living is clearly paying off, as she looks nothing short of incredible in the cobalt blue cozzie, but there’s one thing that fans just can’t keep their eyes off.

Take a look at the video to see Charlotte Crosby’s transformation over the years…

We’re talking about her massive cleavage of course! The star has been pretty open about her recent corrective surgery on her boobs, and now she’s flaunting the results in all their glory – sideboob, underboob, the whole shebang.

One of the first people to hop on the comments was Char’s old cast-mate, Holly Hagan, who wrote: “TITS out for the lads.”

Obviously, banter queen Sophie Kasaei got a little word in there too, joking: “Ur a right f**king tit you like.”

Her Geordie Shore castmates clearly weren’t the only ones to notice, with thousands of fans also flooding the comments: “BOOBS 😍😍😍 you look unreal 💕💕💕,” wrote one fan as another added: “Someone has upgraded the girls. Wow.”

While Charlotte opened up about her boob job back in November, many fans seeing them in all their glory for the first time were pretty shook: “When did she get her boobs done? They popped out of nowhere!” said one baffled fan.

Another wrote: “Nope can’t deal,” as someone else added: “this can’t be real.”

One thing is for sure, she looks increds.

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Wanna know how Charlotte gets that amazing bod? Just hit play on the video…

Source:: MTV — News