Check Out These Mint Spoilers From Geordie Shore Series 14 Episode #9!

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Why Aye! Newcastle’s nortiest lads and lasses have been enjoying a canny MORTAL time in Tignes. The radgie fam has packed all the DRAMZ in their suitcases and have gone SRSLY AKKA on the ski slopes.



Youse better be BUZZIN’ as the next installment of radgie insanity drops next week. AREEEET!

The gangs’ time in France is coming to an end *SOB* but before they head back to the Toon there’s still time for more MORTAL MADNESS before they wave au revoir to France.

Aaron FINALLY goes on the PULL and the lad gets WAY MORE than he bargained for. Oi Oi! And there’s total #DRAMZ as Scotty T causes a scene yet AGAIN! #STANDARD

But if youse can’t wait for next week, then CRACK ON with this EXCLUSIVE episode 9 spoiler gallery below:


Geordie Shore 14 l Ep #9 Sneak Peek Spoilers

And if that AIN’T got youse in the mood, then get busy with these MINT ONLINE EXTRAS reet now!

Don’t miss Episode 9 of brand new Geordie Shore: New Radgie Rampage, Tuesday 23rd May @ 10pm – only on MTV!

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