Chip Plays Never Have I Ever And Reveals His Amazing Guilty Pleasures

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You think you’d know everything about Chip, considering the fact we’ve been listening to his music for the past decade, but it turns out he’s full of surprises.

I mean, who’d have thought that ‘Chip Diddy Chip’ would be caught doing the Macarena? Exactly – but don’t try to shame his game because, as he told us, “that’s not a guilty pleasure, that’s a banger, bruv.

The heavily-tatted rapper reveals that he fell into music by accident, originally trying it out to impress girls. I’m not sure anyone else’s flirting attempts have paid off so well?

Years later and he’s still dropping albums, like League of My Own II’, which is out tomorrow (Aug 11)!

He may have never used a ghostwriter, but his pre-stage rituals aren’t so innocent…

By Ross McNeilage

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Source:: MTV — News