Chloe Ferry And Sam Gowland Just Got Each Other's Names Inked Onto Their Skin

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Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland have once again proved that they’re in this relationship for life by taking the major step of getting each other’s names etched onto their skin for the rest of eternity.

The Geordie Shore couple have been dating for around six months now, and recently wrapped up filming the upcoming series of the MTV show in Australia.

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While getting an inking in honour of a boyfriend/girlfriend is always a pretty risky step, it just goes to show how serious the duo are about making their romance work long term.

Sam was the one to debut the results on Instagram, writing the caption: “2 words speak a thousand memories 💉🔍”

Fans took to the comments section to praise Chloe and Sam for being the ultimate match: “You guys are honestly made for each other I love you guys,” one person gushed.

Back when they first went public with their relationship, Sam revealed in an interview with MailOnline that he doesn’t care if outsiders assumed their romance is for PR purposes.

“People will always have their opinions, but I suppose that’s what keeps the show going. As long as me and Chloe know what’s going on, I don’t give a f**k what people think,” he said.

At the time Chloe called her boyfriend “the one” and Sam agreed that he couldn’t see himself ever getting bored of their relationship. Too cute.

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