Chloe Ferry Reveals Plans To Give Birth On TV And Lets Slip How Many Kids She And Sam Gowland Are Having

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Geordie Shore’s Sam Gowland sent fans into overdrive recently when he hinted he might be popping the big question to Chloe Ferry VERY soon.

But this time it was the lass’s turn to tease fans about their future, getting incredibly specific about their plans to procreate.

Hit play on the video to see Chloe Ferry’s chosen baby name that Sam Gowland totally despises with a passion…

We’re talking names, precise numbers and birthing plans here people.

Speaking to Heat magazine, she revealed: “We’re going to have three kids… Inken, Bob and Billy.”

Of course, Sam had a few words to say about it as he cut in: “Don’t listen to a word she says, we might have three kids, but they’re not called that. I want kids when I’m 26.”

Chloe is adamant it’s going to happen sooner though, as she said: “Well you’re having them at 25 because I’ve planned it.”

Which means in three (or four) years we could be meeting Inken, Bob or Billy. Buzzing.

The lass also hinted that she might even give birth on the telly as she revealed it doesn’t bother her what-so-ever that her family have watched her have sex: “I’ll have my baby on telly, me!”

While it seems Chlo is willing to do just about anything on TV, that doesn’t mean she and Sam never taken things a tad too far with their on-screen escapades.

In fact, they both reckon a recent clip of them romping did cross the line.

“I normally never mind having sex on telly because the quilt is on you. But I saw a clip of us today – it was a bit much, yeah,” said Chloe.

Sam added: “I did think it was a little bit “ugh.” But it’s only natural.”

“Everyone shags – I love having sex me!”

Good thing too, if they’re gonna be having all those babies!

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Now hit play on the video to see Chloe Ferry’s increds reaction when Sam said he’s only with her for his money...

Source:: MTV — News