Chloe Ferry Throws Her Support Behind Abbie Holborn As Fake Friend Surfaces From The Past 

Chloe Ferry has thrown her support behind co-star Abbie Holborn after a fake friend from the past has cropped up again wanting to reconnect with her.

The Geordie Shore lass has responded to one of the 21-year-old’s recent tweets, which goes into detail about how someone who she used to know pre-fame is now clamouring to get back in her good books.

Now get checking out Chloe Ferry breaking down in tears on the “worst day” of her life…

The tweet in question read: “Baffles me how one of me old best friends used to slag me off on social media and take the piss out of me soon as I got on geordie, is now appearing in me message requests tryna be me mate again, it’s a no from me.”

Chloe responded “Love this!!!” as a bunch of other fans flooded the message with support. Your mate just got 4 no’s! Even Simon Cowell agrees! Ps I think your Great on Geordie Shore your my favourite,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Fake friends need not apply!” while a second pointed out that once the trust is lost, no friendship can ever be revitalised: “There’s a word for people like that….. snake …….. the only high five they deserve is in the f*in face .”

Chloe Ferry throws her support behind Abbie Holborn as fake friend surfaces from the past


This comes after Abbie previously took to Twitter to write: “Need to stop worrying about things I have no control over,” while summing up the entire situation with the advice: “Don’t need them people that only bother with you when it suits them.”

Hear, hear.

Source:: MTV — News