Cutting Suite in-house equipment

Cutting Suite in-house equipment

The range of equipment we have to offer we feel is a combination of ultimate quality, practicality and function to achieve the best results from our wide range of services.

ATC PCM 50 three-way active monitor
Adam P11 two-way active, with ribbon tweeters
Genelec 1030’s

Disk Cutting:
Neumann VMS 80 Lathe
Neumann VMS 70 Lathe Custom cutting desk
NTP and Tekronic metering SAL 74B Amp rack

Manley Variable MU compressor limiter
Manley Massive passive parametric Valve EQ
Avalon AD2044 Opto compressor
Oram Sonics HD-DEF 35 limited-edition paramentic EQ
K+H UE400 8 band parametric EQ
TC electronic finallizer 96K
TC Electronic 1280 mastering delay
Benchmark DAC1 24bit 192K digital to analogue converter
Benchmark ADC1 24 bit 192K analogue to digital converter
Sony PCM 7040 mastering Timecode DAT
HHB burnt plus master CD recorder
Fostex D20 Timecode DAT
Tascam 122 Cassette deck
Denon 991 Minidisk cart recorder
Lindsay audio spectrum analyser
Appogee Big ben Studio clock source
SPL tube vitalizer

Digital Audio Workstations:
Custom Sadie 5 PCM8 Disk editing system
Cedar denoising and Vinyl restoration for Sadie
Sadie Hardware Jog and editing controller
M-audio Firewire 410
19” TFT and 42” Sony Plasma screen
Digi002 Protools desk and interface
I-Mac G5, 2.1Ghz, 2GB mem. OS-X 10.4
Protape 200gb Firewire drive
Protools Keyboard

Sadie 5
Protools Le 6.9.2 plugins- Fairchild, Joe Meek, sansamp, Pultec, Moogerfooger, purple audio, Bomb- factory + more. Reason 3.0, Ableton live 4, Cubase SX 2.1, Logic 6 Soundforge 7, waves platinum collection, + many softsynths, etc.

2 x Neumann U87
2 x DPA 4006 with Bruel & Kjaer capsules
2 x AKG 414B-ULS
2 x AKG 451 with CK1 & CK8 Capsules

2 x CDJ 1000 CD turntable
2 x Technics 1210 vinyl turntables
Pioneer dj300 Mixer
Custom RIAA phono pre-amp
Samson powerstrips
Full balanced GPO patchbays
Custom speaker stands for all monitors
Custom-built maple desk with racking
Full air conditioning