Daisy Ridley Reveals Crazy Star Wars: The Last Jedi Fan Theory That Will Blow Your Mind

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Daisy Ridley has revealed a Star Wars: The Last Jedi fan theory so bonkers that even she can’t get her head around it.

She told us: “I heard an insane theory the other day about time travel, and I swear to God I was so lost.

“It was a man who I’d been working with for a few months and he’d kept his nerdom from me, and then suddenly out it came and he told me all his thoughts about this one theory and I was so lost!”

Hit play on the video below for more on this crazy theory!

Daisy – who plays Rey in the franchise – also teased us with something that “definitely won’t” be happening in the latest instalment.

She revealed: “There isn’t immaculate conception that results in the creation of a new character, as was believed.”

Okay we seriously can’t wait for The Last Jedi now!

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Source:: MTV — News