Danielle Bregoli Gets Heated, Brawls with Woah Vicky

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Danielle Bregoli Brawls with Woah Vicky

4/16/2018 8:54 AM PDT

Danielle Bregoli confronted fellow social media star Woah Vicky to settle their smack-talking beef … and all hell broke loose.

The incident went down Sunday in L.A. where Danielle — aka Bhad Bhabie — went after Vicky … an 18-year-old Instagram star who claims to be a billionaire. The feud apparently started after Vicky called out Danielle in a post.

Anyway, the fight video starts with Danielle and her bodyguard going up to Vicky, who was with 9-year-old rapper Lil Tay. Words are exchanged and Danielle threw a haymaker before leaving the scene.

Danielle later deleted a post on social media that said, “Don’t be showin up tryin to film me to get views. I shouldn’t have cracked dhat hoe like I did, but whatever. She a joke. Moving on.”

Vicky and Tay tell a different story.

Source:: TMZ – Music News