Did Chloe Ferry Just Call Out Sam Gowland For Telling THIS Lie About Their Sex Life?

We all know that Sam Gowland loves a bit of banter, so it’s no surprise he fancied joining in when Geordie Shore’s Twitter account wanted to play a little game of ‘caption this’.

Only his hilarious contribution resulted in Chloe Ferry well and truly calling out his lies, with things turning sexual pretty quickly.

Hit play on the video to see Chloe Ferry give Sam Gowland a slightly alarming ‘massage’…

It all started because of a hilarious gif, showing Sam take a very unexpected squirt to the face from an over-active hosepipe.

Needless to say, the lad looked pretty startled.

So he conjured up the hilarious caption: ” 😆 😆 😆 😆 first time somet wet had been on me face in a while [sic].”

Pretty good, but just in case your our minds weren’t already well and truly in the gutter, Chloe had a little something to say.

“Well that’s a lie 😋,” she wrote.

While we don’t even wanna know what wet things have been coming into contact with Sam Gowland’s face, we’re inclined to believe Chlo on this one tbh.

Chloe and Sam recently opened up about their sex life to Heat magazine, admitting that a recent clip they saw of them romping took things a tad too far.

“I normally never mind having sex on telly because the quilt is on you. But I saw a clip of us today – it was a bit much, yeah,” said Chloe.


Sam added: “I did think it was a little bit “ugh.” But it’s only natural.”

We can only imagine how many wet faces were involved.

Fortunately, you can watch EVERYTHING these radgies get up on Geordie Shore every Tuesday at 10pm – only on MTV!

Now hit play on the video to watch Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry’s wild night that involved booty grabbing, shot taking and vodka drinking…

Source:: MTV — News