Dua Lipa Seems To Respond To Boyfriend Isaac Carew Dirty Dancing To One Kiss With Mystery Girl

Dua Lipa‘s chef boyfriend Isaac Carew has been caught red-handed dirty dancing with a mystery gal at a gay club in London. Awkward.

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The Sun obtained pics and a vid showing the chef dancing a lil’ inappropriately and looking like he went in for one kiss with the mystery gal.

It was only two weeks ago that Dua Lipa and Isaac were papped on multiple dates together.

And the ‘Be The One’ singer tweeted the cutest things about their relationship on Monday, saying: “You should keep your friends and loved ones close, trust your gut and go with your instinct.”

She tweeted: “Never let go of the people that are nothing but honest with you, that have your best interest at heart with no strings attached.”

“Love them with everything you have because they deserve the world. Love is the most wonderful thing in the world,” the tweets went on to say.


She finished off with: “Don’t be afraid to love with all you’ve got.”

Along with posting a throwback pic of Isaac on her Insta.

This is all goin’ down while she’s currently touring the US with her debut album.

We’re sure Dua knows exactly how to handle this. #NewRules

Source:: MTV — News