Ed Sheeran Slams Claims He’s Installing ‘Anti-Homeless’ Railings Outside His House

Ed Sheeran has shot down claims he’s installing a 5 foot wall outside his house to deter rough sleepers.

While the singer doesn’t usually comment on speculation about his personal life, he came forward to brand this particular story “bollocks” and pointed out that he’s been nothing but supportive of homeless charities over the years.

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The initial report was published in The Sun and included a quote from Ed’s building agent, Paul Smith. He claimed that one of the reasons for the railings is to “prevent opportunities” for homeless people to settle down for the night.

The 27-year-old clearly heard about the article and decided to take to Instagram to set the record straight.

He stated: “Your story is bollocks, I have done lots of work in the past for Crisis and Shelter and would never build railings outside my home for that reason. The reason was to keep the paps that you employ from being on my doorstep. Have a good day.”

Back in 2014, Ed wrote about his experiences of sleeping rough in 2014 book A Visual Journey: “There was an arch outside Buckingham Palace that has a heating duct and I spent a couple of nights there. That’s where I wrote the song ‘Homeless’.”

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He later clarified: “Everyone’s saying Ed Sheeran was homeless – I never say that in the book, I went without a bed for some nights, that’s it. It’s just that I didn’t have a place to stay [those nights], so I slept on the Central Line and outside Buckingham Palace. That’s just what I did.”

Source:: MTV — News