Exclusive: Cole Sprouse On Riverdale’s Sexual Assault Storylines: “It’s Really Important Not To Romanticise Something That Has Destroyed Lives”

Riverdale may only be on its second season, but already it’s tackled more important subjects than most shows would in their entirety.

As well as harassment and drug use as a result of peer pressure, a predominant storyline for season two of the show has been sexual assault, after Nick St. Clair tried to rape Cheryl Blossom by spiking her drink.

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And while some of the audience may think that they’re too young to find themselves in such a situation, Cole Sprouse explained to us during a recent interview that it’s key for these subjects to be tackled with as much realism as possible.

“I think that it’s important that they’re covered well and responsibly. I think one of the trickiest issues about this kind of representation is romanticisation about it,” he began.

“It’s really important not to romanticise something that has destroyed lives or really hurt people and it’s traumatic and can be a trigger for people. But if it’s done with tact and it’s done responsibly then I think it’s kind of necessary, especially to a young adult audience who might be approached with circumstances of a similar degree.”

He goes on to add that even if it means people simply talk about it more, then that’s only a good thing.

“[It’s important] perhaps to let them know that it’s out there and let them know what it looks like and to start a conversation. I think that’s a very responsible thing to do but it needs to be done well and with a lot of tact.”

While for Camila Mendes there was never a question as to if they should cover it, adding: “We have the opportunity to convey these messages to young people, so why wouldn’t we do that?”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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Source:: MTV — News