Fans Think Khloe Kardashian Is The Spitting Image Of Kylie Jenner In This Photo

We all know that Kris Jenner has some seriously strong genes, but people have now suddenly noticed that two sisters who previously looked nothing like each other are beginning to look like the exact same person.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans spotted that a recent upload of Khloe Kardashian looked very similar to some images Kylie Jenner has shared of herself; with their hair, pout, and make-up looking practically identical.

Fans think Khloe Kardashian looks identical to Kylie Jenner in this picture


The image was taken behind-the-scenes following a promotion for their E! show, with the 34-year-old captioning the moody shot: “☾ Interviews KUWTK ☾”

It took no time at all for her 84 million followers to share their thoughts on the picture, with one person commenting: “I always think these pictures are Kylie Jenner. It’s insane how much they look alike!”

Another pointed out that the entire aesthetic of the shot is giving them “Kylie vibes” while a third fan tagged the 21-year-old in the image and said: “@Kyliejenner this looks identical to you.”

More comments rolled through, including: “Did this used to be Khloe Kardashian?” and “Almost thought you were Kylie for a sec.”

This isn’t the first time this week that the Kardashian-Jenner gang have been mistaken for each other, with Kris Jenner recently uploading a shot of her new fringed haircut that fans claimed gave them Kim Kardashian vibes.

Do you think Khloe and Kylie look ~spookily~ similar or is it really not that unusual for two sisters to look vaguely alike?

Source:: MTV — News