From Liam Payne To Lindsay Lohan: 8 Times Celebs Totally Changed Their Accents And The Internet Was Beyond Confused

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The thing about celebs is that we know them better than we know ourselves. We spend so much time on their social media, listening to them sing and watching them on the TV that they are more immersed in our lives than some of our own family. Legit.

So when they think they sneak something past us like a crazy accent change, they’re VERY wrong. These famous faces tried and the internet lost their minds…


Fans were left baffled when a clip of Wolverhampton’s Liam on stage in France went viral and the singer was speaking in an accent that was, quite frankly, really hard to place. It was kind of American, kind of English and a touch Jamaican. Liam, are you okay hun?

I’m sorry, but what is with Liam Payne’s ridiculous fake American accent? Get in the bin.

— Regan Okey (@reganokey) July 10, 2018

See below for his original accent:

2. Mark Wright

There are few accents stronger than an Essex one so when Mark Wright decided he was going to become a TV presenter in LA, fans were confused at his new faux-American twang. Appaz he was told that the American’s couldn’t understand him. Shut uuuuup.

Sorry but I can’t get over Mark Wright on instagram, what’s with the change of accent all of a sudden! You’ve been in America 5 mins 🙈

— JH 💋 (@HassallCo) October 12, 2017

See below for his original accent:

3. Lindsay Lohan

In the most bizarre turn of events, Li-Lo did an interview where suddenly her all-American Parent Trap to Mean Girls accent has changed to a weird French-British hybrid and the internet went wild.

See below for her original accent:

4. Dorit Kemsley

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Dorit was born in Connecticut so viewers were confused when they first met her and English husband PK, and her accent was a weird mesh of British and American. They were even more baffled when a video of her emerged from 2013 with a perfect American accent. LOL.

My favorite part of #RHOBH is when dorit loses her accent for a few seconds and then has to bring it back 😂😂😂

— Jamie Fekete ✞ (@jamiefekete4) April 25, 2018

See below for her original accent:

5. Chloe Jasmine

Chloe Jasmine first appeared on X Factor in 2006 with a totally different accent than when she came back onto our screens to audition again in 2014. Suddenly she was MUCH posher and when the original clip surfaced fans went crazy.

I would like to hear Lady C have a conversation with Chloe Jasmine and see who breaks the fake accent first. #ImACeleb

— Daz (@dazgale) November 16, 2015

See below for her original accent:

6. Geri Halliwell

Watford-born Geri was the gobby one of the Spice Girl with her thick London accent which endeared her to the world. Cut to years later and she’ll gone all Made in Chelsea on us. Social Media went cray and Posh Spice feared for her crown.

Geri Halliwell Horner has had a new accent installed.

— Paul Ballard (@PBalOfficial) March 11, 2017

See below for her original accent:

7. Nadine Coyle

It was always going to be hard to get rid of Nadine’s incredibly thick Derry accent so now that she’s been in America so much, it’s a strange mix of the two. It’s not half as weird as most of the accents on this list but that didn’t stop social media going IN.

I’m Derry born and bred. I have no idea where Nadine Coyle got that accent from. #LooseWomen

— Wee Mary (@Winsome_Wench) October 26, 2017

See below for her original accent:

8. Joss Stone

In perhaps the most famous voice change of all time, is the queen Joss Stone. The world was more than just confused, they were annoyed, when Joss came out at the 2007 Brit Awards to present a trophy with not just an American accent but a Southern US one. It was truly baffling but also something that will go down as the best accent change in history. Howdy partner.

I’m Derry born and bred. I have no idea where Nadine Coyle got that accent from. #LooseWomen

— Wee Mary (@Winsome_Wench) October 26, 2017

See below for her original accent:

And now, let’s all take a moment for the reality star who snagged themselves an A -ist relationship shall we?

Source:: MTV — News